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Dubai: From tomorrow, single-use plastic bags to cost 25fils

One more day to go and you will be charged for the plastic bags at the checkout counters.

single-use plastic bags in Dubai

Starting tomorrow, July 1, single-use plastic bags will be charged 25fils per bag in Dubai.

The announcement was made back in February, the Executive Council of Dubai officially tweeted that the policy to limit single-use bags is inline with enhancing environmental sustainability. The ultimate goal is to eliminate single-use plastics completely within two years.

“Each bag less than 57 micrometres thick, including bags made of plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic and plant-based biodegradable materials, will be charged 25 fils at the point of purchase at commercial outlets,” said the Municipality.

Which shops or activities are these charges applicable?

The charge is applicable for all shops that use single-use bags to carry goods, including retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, e-commerce services and delivery services.

The tariff policy does not include packing bags for vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. The policy includes only single-use bags for “carrying goods”.

Is there any limit on the number of bags purchased?

The minimum charge for the single-use bags will be 25fils per bag and there is no limit to the number of bags purchased.

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Why was the policy to impose charge on single-use plastic bags applied?

The council pointed out that it takes 400 years for a plastic bag to decompose in the environment, and thousands of years to mitigate its negative environmental impact. They are used for only once or twice before they are disposed of. According to a study by a local authority, about 86% of the sea turtles were found dead on the beaches of some emirates in the country had consumed plastics. Additionally, 50% of the camels deaths were also caused by plastic bag consumption. These bags block the digestive tract of animals when they consume it, and cause death.