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UAE visa and Emirates ID costs rise as a new fee is imposed

The hike applies to Emirates ID, and visit, residency visas

UAE visa

UAE visa and Emirates costs have gone up! A customer care agent at the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) confirmed that its fees have gone up by Dh100.

According to the agent, the fee increase applies to “all” ICP services, including Emirates ID, resident visas, and visit visas.

New UAE visa and Emirates ID costs

There has been an additional fee of Dh100 that applies to 30- and 60-day tourist visas, Emirates IDs, and all other e-channel services.

Emirates ID (depending on the number of years renewed)

  • Old price – AED270
  • New price – AED370

One-month visit visa

  • Old price – AED270
  • New price – AED370

However,  there are no changes yet to visit visas issued from Dubai.

UAE visa

Recently, the UAE rolled out new visit visa rules as Covid-19 pandemic protocols were eased by the government. Previously, the UAE government allowed visit visas to be extended from within the country.

The new rules, which came into effect on December 2022, no longer allow visit visas to be extended from within the country and instead require tourists to exit the country and return should they wish to stay longer.

Tourists can, however make use of the same-day visa status change system by visiting a neighbouring country until they receive their new UAE visas. This process should be completed via a travel agent, not an airline.

The ICP also recently standardised the fine on overstaying visas in the country to Dh50. Tourist and visit visa holders who overstay will pay Dh50 a day instead of Dh100. Those overstaying on a residency visa will have to pay double — Dh50 a day instead of Dh25.

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